Every Door Direct Mail

EDDM from the USPS


Every Door Direct Mail® is the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way
to reach thousands of local prospects.


Reach Every Local Mailbox

Grow Your Business!


With EDDM®, you can easily reach the customers who matter most by targeting specific local neighborhoods or ZIP codes. No mailing permits or mailing lists required.

Carpenters  Electricians  Landscapers  Painters

Auto Repair Shops  Dealerships  Roofers  Restaurants

Food Stores  Jewelry Stores  Pizzerias  Delicatessens

are just a few of the businesses that could

benefit by using EDDM.

Your business could too!


Various sizes to choose from








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The USPS offers special mail prices for certain sized materials thereby allowing the sender to realize a cost savings while still reaching their desired audience. Post cards are the favored material that will provide "the most bang for your buck" because they come in various sizes from small to very large. Depending on the amount of text and images the sender intends to put out, post cards range from 4"X12" all the way up to 12"X15" monsters. All post cards distributed by the Every Door Direct Mail system will be delivered to every home or business in the routes you select. This allows you to reach a particular part of town rather than a "shot gun" approach.


No mail lists required! Every piece at the same postage rate means you know the costs attached to the mailing before you start.

The Copy Center can assist you in completing a direct mailing to your selected mail routes starting with the design and working through your project to completion. We can do the complete
project from design layout, printing, boxing, traying, labeling and delivery to the post office for distribution.


You don't have to do a thing! We do all the paperwork.


Contact us today and we can work out the numbers for your personal project.