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Printing is different from copying and priced accordingly, with printing being the more economical, where ever quantities are involved. Any reproduction job over 500 pieces should not be copied, but printed so greater savings in per piece costs can be realized. Under 500 pieces is a judgment call and depends on the job and various associated factors. The magic number is 1000. This is where the best cost for your dollar kicks in, so the first thing to calculate is the quantity you need for your printed or copied materials.

The next consideration is how it will be printed. While digital printing is all the rage right now, it may be the more expensive method for some print jobs. The “old fashioned” method of ink on a press still remains a viable option in today’s market. The only way to determine which process to use on your particular job is to bring it to The Copy Center for a free evaluation.

We do accept MS Publisher files and we can work with Word files as well. Raffle tickets for your next event can be printed and numbered with any custom art or information. Full color tickets are available as well as single colors on pastel papers. Books can be stapled in any quantity with or without covers. Custom is the word here and your imagination creates the boundaries.

Letterheads and envelopes can be done in full color at very affordable prices on various paper styles. Post cards, brochures, advertising materials, invoices, and so much more are all available at the Copy Center. Contact us today for a personal conversation concerning your printing needs.
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